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Geochem–EZ is a multi-purpose chemical speciation program, used in plant nutrition and in soil and environmental chemistry research to perform equilibrium speciation computations, allowing the user to estimate solution ion activities and to consider simple complexes and solid phases. Programs of this type allow the user to estimate the interactions between metals and ligands and to calculate the free activities of the ions of interest. In doing so, the scientist can make a solution in which requisite conditions are satisfied and the design is intelligent. See Shaff et al., 2010 for the full article on Geochem-EZ.

For many years we have used speciation programs to formulate hydroponic solutions for plant growth, including those employing a variety of metal-chelate systems to control Fe (II), Fe (III), and Zn status. In addition, this program has been an important tool in creating test solutions for plant aluminum (Al) tolerance experiments. Thus, we are able to estimate Al3+ activities and to create solutions without significantly lowering available phosphate or sulfate.