Kochian Lab for Plant Mineral Nutrition and Abiotic Stress Research
A screenshot of the RootReader2D software with sample output from measured rice root systems
RootReader2D software is a JAVA based stand-alone program that is designed to assist with root length measurements from digital images. This software will allow for high-throuhput analysis of total root system length as well as measurements of selected root types of interest. RootReader 2D has been adapted to work with a variety of growth systems, including hydroponics, gellan gum, sand, agarose plates and paper pouch systems.

System Requirements: RootReader 2D requires that your computer have JAVA Version 8 (build 1.8) installed. This software has been compiled to work on BOTH WINDOWS and MAC operating systems.

NOTE: This is a New stand-alone verion of RootReader 2D v4.3 that no longer will require the JAVA webstart, or access to our website. Older users will need to download this 'new' version. The Function of RootReader2D has remained the same, but now has the ability to be used anywhere without an internet connection.

Click to Download RootReader2Dv4_3.jar file

Download RootReader Example Settings file for both Rice and Maize here

* RootReader2D is freely distributed for personal and commercial use and may not be modified or sold for any reason*

RootReader2D v4 Users Guide